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The Medium Voltage Power Cable Is The Cable That Distributes The Power

Medium voltage power cable mainly by the conductor, insulation, outer sheath and other components. This product is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage 12 / 20KV distribution network or industrial installations can be fixed to lay the mechanical pressure of the occasion. Mainly used for urban construction area of the underground power grid, hair, substation (the) leads to the line, Medium Voltage Power Cable for the transmission and distribution of energy use.

Medium voltage power cable is 35 kV and below power cable.

Medium voltage power cables can be divided into medium and low voltage power cables (35 kV and below), high voltage cables (110 kV or more), high voltage cables (275 to 800 kV) and UHV cables (1000 kV And above).

Medium voltage power cable is used to transmit and distribute power cable, power cable commonly used in urban underground power grid, power station leads lines, industrial and mining enterprises within the power supply and across the river water transmission line. Medium Voltage Power Cable In the power lines, the proportion of cable is gradually increasing.

The power cable is a cable product used to transmit and distribute high-power power in the main line of the power system, including various voltage classes of 1-500 kV and above, and various insulated power cables.

With the rapid development of modern life, the city, the rural power grid is also constantly updated and upgraded, the distribution network cable application ratio is getting higher and higher at the same time, Medium Voltage Power Cable the use of environmental diversity and application system diversification, Making the type of medium-voltage cable in this paper on the domestic medium-voltage cable in a rough summary to facilitate the user in the use of the process more accurately select the cable varieties.

The voltage rating of the medium voltage cable is divided into 3.6 / 6 kV, 6/6 kV, 6/10 kV, 8.7 / 10 kV, 8.7 / 15 kV, 12/20 kV, 18/30 kV , 21/35 kV and 26/35 kV, etc. 6/6 kV and 6/10 kV, 8.7 / 10 kV and 8.7 / 15 kV cable production process and performance requirements are the same, but the application of the power system is not The same .6 / 6 kV and 8.7 / 10 kV cables are mainly used in Class A and Class B systems with high safety factor, and 6/10 kV and 8.7 / 15 kV cables are used in Class C systems with low safety factor.