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Safety And Reliability Of Medium Voltage Power Cable

Medium voltage power cable refers to 35,000 kv and below power cable.

The medium voltage power cable relates to the technical field of cable, which comprises a cable core, a filling layer and an outer sheath, wherein the core is composed of a core or three insulated wire cores, wherein the insulating wire core consists of a conductor, a conductor shielding layer, an insulating layer, Medium Voltage Power Cable the insulating shielding layer and the metal shielding layer consist in that the conductor shielding layer is composed of a half conductive conductor shielding rubber material, and the insulating layer is composed of a medium pressure halogen-free ethylene-propylene rubber insulating material; the insulating shielding layer is composed of a half conductive insulating shielding rubber material The conductor shielding layer, Medium Voltage Power Cable the insulating layer and the insulating shielding layer are packed on the conductor by coextrusion of the sulfur. The utility model has excellent properties such as flame retardant, corrosion resistance, irradiation resistance, Medium Voltage Power Cable aging resistance and high dielectric property, and ensures its safe and reliable in the harsh use environment of the third generation nuclear power plant, and greatly improves the service life of the cable.

The construction process of middle voltage power cable has the characteristics of high voltage, shielding, long line, poor site environment and high construction requirements, Medium Voltage Power Cable which should be laid, installed and grounded during construction.

The medium voltage power cable comprises a core I and a sheath layer 2 outside the cable core I. The cable core I comprises an aluminum conductor 101, an inner half conductive shielding layer 102, a XLPE insulating layer 103, an outer half conductive shielding layer 104 and a metal shielding layer 105. Medium Voltage Power Cable Cable Core i is one, aluminum conductor 101 for many single concentric twisted together, each single line is the type. The outer sheath Layer 2 uses the polyethylene material. Because the conductor 101 uses the special material and the structure, the outer layer carries on the waterproof treatment, therefore this embodiment electric power cable may use in the bending radius small, the damp environment.