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Power Supply Reliability Of Overhead Cable

Sep 07, 2017

Aerial cable (full name overhead insulated cable) is an overhead conductor with insulating layer and protective outer skin, and a special cable, which is similar to the production process of Xlpe cable, is a new mode of transmission between overhead conductor and underground cable. Overhead cable is a kind of cable construction method that hangs the cable rack on a certain height pole from the ground, compared with underground cable, Overhead Cable although it is more susceptible to outside influence, not safe, also not beautiful, but the erection of simple, low construction costs, so far away from the bureau, the number of users is relatively small and large changes, laying underground cables have difficulties in the area is still widely used. Overhead cable is single core, Overhead Cable according to its structure can be divided into hard aluminum wire structure, hard drawing copper wire structure, aluminum alloy wire structure, steel core or aluminum alloy core support structure and self-supporting three-core composite structure (wire core can be hard aluminum or hard copper wire). It has the advantages of high reliability of power supply, good safety of power supply, Overhead Cable convenient erection and maintenance and reasonable economy. The main technical parameters include weathering resistance, insulating level, inner and outer half conductive shielding layer.

Life often see overhead insulated cable, the cable will be erected in the distance from the ground to move the height of a telegraph cable construction, because overhead cable erection is relatively simple, the cost is relatively low, so the use is still very wide. What are the commonly used model specifications for aerial insulated cables?

1, jkv jklv jky jkly jkyj jklyj copper, aluminum conductor PVC insulated aerial cable copper, aluminum conductor polyethylene insulated aerial cable, copper, Overhead Cable aluminum conductor XLPE insulated aerial cable, used for overhead fixed laying of the lead line and so on.

2, Jkyj jklyj jktryj jky jkly jktry jkgyj jklgyj copper, aluminum xlpe insulated aerial cable soft copper core XLPE insulated aerial cable copper, Aluminum Conductor Polyethylene Insulated aerial cable soft copper conductor polyethylene insulated aerial cable copper conductor twisted wire XLPE insulated aerial cable aluminum conductor Wire XLPE insulated aerial cable, used for overhead fixed laying, soft copper core products used in Transformer guide line. Overhead Cable When the cable is overhead, the cable and trees should be kept at a certain distance; Steel-cored aerial cables are used in mountainous areas and rivers are laid across.

3, jkly/b aluminum core color XLPE insulated aerial cable, used for overhead fixed laying cable erection, should consider cable and trees to maintain a certain distance; Cable operation allows frequent contact between cables and trees.

4, jklyj/qjkly/q aluminum core light XLPE insulated aerial cable aluminum core light polyethylene insulated aerial cable, used for overhead fixed laying cable erection, should consider cable and trees to maintain a certain distance; cable operation allows for short contact between cables and trees.

Using steel core aluminum stranded conductor Xlpe insulated aerial insulated cable (model JKLGYJ-1, 1X10/2), standing rod distance can be 20 meters, JKLGYJ-11X10/2 long-term allowable load flow is 75A, consider distance far line loss, but enough. Note To see the local power supply voltage is not high, if relatively low, to consider the use of JKLGYJ-1, 1X16/3 (reference load 100A), mainly considering the line loss of aluminum core line larger.