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Performance Of Medium Voltage Power Cable

Sep 07, 2017

With the rapid development of life modernization, the power grids in cities and villages are constantly being upgraded, and the proportion of cables used in distribution networks is increasing. At the same time, the diversity of the use of the environment and the diversification of the application system make the medium voltage power cable variety. This paper summarizes the domestic medium voltage power cable roughly, Medium Voltage Power Cable To facilitate the user in the use process more accurate selection of cable varieties. 1 voltage grade of medium voltage power cable The voltage level of the middle voltage power cable is divided into 3. $number kv, $number kv, $number kv, 8.7/10 kv, 8.7/15 kv, 12/20 kv, 18/30 kv, 21/35 kv and 26/35 kv. of which $number kv and 6/10 KV, 8.7/10 kv and 8.7/15 KV Cable production process and performance requirements are the same, but the application of the power system is not the same. $number kv and 8.7/10 KV cable is mainly used in a Class A, Medium Voltage Power Cable Class B system with higher safety factor, $number kv and 8.7/15 KV cable is used in C class system with low safety factor.

Medium voltage power cable refers to 35,000 kv and below power cable.

Medium voltage power cable relates to cable technical field, including cable core, the filling layer and the outer sheath, the cable core consists of one or three insulated wire cores, and the insulating core consists of a conductor, a conductor shielding layer, an insulating layer, an insulating shielding layer and a metal shielding layer in turn, Medium Voltage Power Cable and is characterized in that The conductor shielding layer is composed of a half conductive conductor shielding rubber material; The insulating layer is composed of a medium pressure halogen-free ethylene-propylene rubber insulating material, wherein the insulating shielding layer is composed of a half conductive insulating shielding rubber material, and the conductor shielding layer, insulating layer and insulating shielding layer are packed on the conductor by Coextrusion. The utility model has excellent properties such as flame retardant, corrosion resistance, Medium Voltage Power Cable irradiation resistance, aging resistance and high dielectric property, and ensures its safe and reliable in the harsh use environment of the third generation nuclear power plant, Medium Voltage Power Cable and greatly improves the service life of the cable.