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Overhead Cable With Vibration Resistance

Aug 16, 2017

The overhead cable is made of conductor, shield and insulating layer. The steel core is located in the center of the conductor, and the steel wire is arranged evenly in the same way. After stranding, it becomes a whole, and the conductor is covered with a shield and a shield Covered with insulation. In the utility model, since the steel core is arranged at the center of the aluminum core insulated wire, not only the insulation requirement is satisfied, Overhead Cable but also the tensile strength and the vibration resistance are increased, and the safety factor is greatly improved. Since the aluminum material is replaced by steel at its center, But also greatly reduce the cost, Overhead Cable it is worth a new type of overhead cable.

Overhead cables include the following types and models:

1, the use of steel core aluminum wire conductor XLPE insulated overhead insulated cable (model JKLGYJ-1,1X10 / 2), the pole distance can be 20 meters, JKLGYJ-11X10 / 2 long-term allowable load of 75A, consider Far away from the line, but enough. Pay attention to see the local power supply voltage is not high, Overhead Cable if relatively low, to consider the use of JKLGYJ-1,1X16 / 3 (reference load 100A), the main consideration of the aluminum wire line loss larger.

2, do not use wire through the tube, pipe is not conducive to heat. Overhead Cable Direct use of VLV, 3X10 + 1X6 or VLV, 0.6 / 1kV, 3X16 + 1X10 aluminum core PVC insulated and sheathed power cable, vertical pole pull wire rope, with a cable hook or insulated wire tied to the wire rope can be The VLV, 3X10 + 1X6 reference carrying capacity of 40A, VLV, 0.6 / 1kV, 3X16 + 1X10 reference load of 54A. The price of the two aluminum core cables is not too expensive, basically the same.

Overhead cable refers to the catenary is in the electrified railway, Overhead Cable along the rail "zigzag" shaped erected for pantograph flow of high-voltage transmission lines. The catenary is the main frame of the railway electrification project, which is a special type of transmission line which is powered by electric locomotives along the railway line. Which consists of contact suspension, support device, positioning device, Overhead Cable pillar and the foundation of several parts.