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Operation Safety Of Medium Voltage Power Cable

Oct 16, 2017

Medium voltage power cable refers to 35,000 kv and below medium voltage power cable.

Medium voltage power cable is used for transmission and distribution of electric power cable, medium voltage power cable is commonly used in urban underground power grids, Medium Voltage Power Cable power generating lines, industrial and mining internal power supply and transmission lines under the river. In power lines, the proportion of cables is increasing.

The medium voltage power cable is a cable product used for transmitting and distributing high-power electric power in the backbone of power system, including 1-500kv and above voltage grade, Medium Voltage Power Cable all kinds of insulated medium-voltage power cable.

The medium voltage power cable comprises a cable core, an inner half conductive shielding layer, a xlpe insulating layer, an outer half conductive shielding layer, a metal shielding layer and an outer sheath layer arranged in sequence from the inside to the outside, and the cable core comprises an aluminum alloy conductor. The conductor of the utility model adopts the aluminum conductor, the tensile strength ≥100mpa of the aluminum conductor, Medium Voltage Power Cable the breaking elongation rate ≥12%, the conductivity of the aluminum alloy material ≥61%iacs, the performance of the aluminum alloy conductor is superior to the traditional electric aluminum conductor cable, its bending performance, mechanical properties, safety performance, anti-corrosion performance, Medium Voltage Power Cable The connection performance is particularly outstanding, can greatly improve the cable service life.

With the rapid development of life modernization, urban and rural power grids are continually upgraded, and the application of power cables in distribution networks is increasing. At the same time, the diversity of the use of the environment and the diversification of the application system make the medium voltage power cable variety. In this paper, Medium Voltage Power Cable a rough summary of the domestic pressure cable, To facilitate the user in the use process more accurate selection of cable varieties. 1 voltage grade of medium voltage power cable is divided into 3. $number kv, $number kv, $number kv, 8.7/10 kv, 8.7/15 kv, 12/20 kv, 18/30 kv, 21/35 kv and 26/35 kv. of which $number kv and $number kv, 8.7/10 kv and 8.7/15 KV Cable production process and performance requirements are the same, Medium Voltage Power Cable but the application of the power system is not the same. $number kv and 8.7/10 KV cable is mainly used in a Class A, Class B system with higher safety factor, $number kv and 8.7/15 KV cable is used in C class system with low safety factor.

In order to ensure the safety of the distribution system of the medium voltage power cable, the construction process of the middle voltage power cable is characterized by high voltage, shielding, long line, poor site environment and high construction requirements, and the matters needing attention in laying, installing and grounding in the construction process are introduced in detail. The cable construction personnel and the management personnel must have the specialized accomplishment and the basic skill, to the cable laying, the installment, Medium Voltage Power Cable the grounding and so on the work causes the sufficient attention, the standard operation, according to the plan construction, may avoid the fault the generation.

The medium voltage power cable is composed of a conductor (1), a conductor (1), a three-layer coextrusion conductor shielding layer (2), insulating layer (3) and insulating shield layer (4), the insulating shielding layer (4) outer wrapping copper Tape shielding layer (5), copper tape shielding layer (5) Outer extruding sheath (6). After adopting the above-mentioned technical scheme, the invention has the characteristics of long term thermal aging resistance, radiation resistance, and the immersion performance of DBA and DBA.