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High Safety Performance Of Medium Voltage Power Cable

Nov 03, 2017

The medium voltage power cable comprises a cable core, an inner half conductive shielding layer, a xlpe insulating layer, an outer half conductive shielding layer, a metal shielding layer and an outer sheath layer arranged in sequence by the inner to outer, and the cable core comprises an aluminum alloy conductor. Medium Voltage Power Cable The conductor of the utility model adopts the aluminum conductor, the tensile strength ≥100mpa of the aluminum conductor, the breaking elongation rate ≥12%, the conductivity of the aluminum alloy material ≥61%iacs, Medium Voltage Power Cable the performance of the aluminum alloy conductor is superior to the traditional electric aluminum conductor cable, its bending performance, mechanical properties, safety performance, anti-corrosion performance, The connection performance is particularly outstanding, can greatly improve the cable service life.

Medium voltage power cable refers to 35,000 kv and below power cable.

Characteristics of medium voltage power cable

The materials used in the thermal shrinkage attachment are generally composed of polyethylene, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and ethylene-propylene rubber and other material components.

This kind of product mainly uses the stress tube to deal with the electric stress concentration question. The method of parameter control is used to relieve the stress concentration of electric field.

Its main advantages are light, easy installation, cheap price, good performance. Medium Voltage Power Cable The stress tube is a kind of heat shrink tube with a moderate volume resistivity and a special electrical parameter with a large dielectric constant, and the stress evacuation at the fracture of cable insulation is forced to distribute evenly along the stress tube by electrical parameters. Medium Voltage Power Cable This technique is only available for 35kV and the following cable accessories.

When the voltage level is high, the stress tube will be hot and cannot be reliably worked. The key technical problems in its use are: to ensure that the electrical parameters of the stress pipe must meet the above-mentioned standard value, the reliability of the work.

Stress pipe and insulation shielding lap Distance: Xlpe cable due to the internal stress treatment in the operation will occur a larger contraction, Medium Voltage Power Cable so in the installation of the attachment stress tube and insulation shielding unruly not less than 20mm, in order to prevent the contraction of the stress tube and insulation shielding from. Thermal contraction attachment due to the small elasticity, the operation of the expansion and contraction of the interface may cause air gap, Medium Voltage Power Cable so the sealing technology is important to prevent moisture immersion.

At present, the medium voltage power cable accessories are used more kinds of products are mainly heat shrinkable accessories, prefabricated accessories, shrink-type accessories.