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Fire Of Supply And Distribution Problems, Summed Up In The Following Areas:(2)

Jan 12, 2017

6, bring your own fire power generator does not start by itself, no time to fire power distribution lines of transmission, for fire-fighting equipment.

7, fire hidden in the distribution room in fire design. For example: other parts lack the distribution room and fire partition, power distribution room door is not installed, ventilation ducts through fire valve switch room partition is not installed, the distribution room and fire control room without direct phone, illuminance distribution room lighting is inadequate.

Large buildings, power and fire power supply system for possible vulnerabilities, often historical, left hidden in the design and construction of some because buildings changed use increased fire power load level and there is a problem, regardless of the situation, is a major fire hazard. These hidden investment is larger, is difficult, especially such a hidden danger in times of peace is difficult to detect, to risk discovery and rectification of a great deal of difficulty. Our fire protection personnel to give due attention to this.

For large buildings and in public gathering places for fire fighting supervision and inspection, fire power and fire power supply and distribution system is one of the most important checks, some checks on electrical knowledge is limited, so is unlikely to have the confidence to carry out this check, making it impossible to detect risks in this regard. With the development of urban construction, the sharp increase in the number of large buildings, high-rise buildings, fire electrical problems involved more in supervision and inspection in the future, we must work harder to check content.