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Fire Of Supply And Distribution Problems, Summed Up In The Following Areas:(1)

1, power load and fire did not adapt to the load required, lower than the required load rating, such as tall buildings and underground structures, especially high-rise buildings of a small city.

2, in the low-voltage power distribution rooms, fire power distribution lines are not connected to two low-voltage bus bar. Some units are equipped with two independent power sources into the family, meet the level load requirements, but the concentration of fire power distribution in a bus on the end, so there is no guarantee the reliability of power supply for fire fighting, fire distribution must be received two circuits on the Bus section of produce, and to fire power distribution box automatically switches on at the last level.

3, access non-fire load in fire power distribution lines. According to the specification, fire distribution beginning in the low voltage distribution separately from the other distribution, and using a separate power supply. Failure of non-fire load fire power.

4 lack of fire protection, fire power supply lines. This popular problems. Provides fire protection for distribution line shall be made of fire-resistant cable lines, or wear metal conduit in a non-burning fire protection measures within the structure.

5, two fire power cannot automatically switch at the distribution box at the bottom level. This will of fire pumps, fire-fighting lift, smoke exhaust fan, fire shutter key, such as fire-fighting equipment and reliable operation extremely dangerous.