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So to avoid the cable short or long and wasted lots of those conditions, according to our experience should pay attention to the following points:

1, the site prior to construction managers construction technology to give the low-down and drawings.

Construction supervision in construction before setting out the technical requirements and explain the clear situation and construction workers at the scene, while piping drawings and line drawings are clear and explain it to the workers.

2, construction workers who will try to use some construction experience, do not use the road workers or never do strange people.

3 construction, strict construction process, that is, from the beginnings to the end of the line of the whole pipeline through location and confirm to start stringing.

4, site supervisory staff should be timely and party coordination, construction personnel. Solve the problem areas in a timely manner, making every aspect of identifying and then implemented.

5, check and correct at any time.

After experiments on multiple items, we are now in the process of construction unless it is the first party after the modifications, stringing cable rarely occur during short-and long waste of