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Poor-quality meter to occupy half

Jan 12, 2017

Quality meters accurate measurement, long service life, poor-quality meter cannot be compared. But reporters found in investigations, poor-quality meter with low prices accounted for half of the metering market.

It is understood that the cheap poor quality meter is often used as a table, or branching meters. Because of this, many residents rented houses cheap choice these poor-quality meter measures power. Yuquan district in Huhhot Bo Tai Nan Street are hardware electrical appliance shop owner, told reporters: "because the relevant departments to check only measure total meter, do not check the meter of branch households, so if using qualified meter as metering a metering, household residents use not be detecting meter as well. "So, many shops are equipped with two meters, a high price, inspection of electricity meters, another is low price, without the testing of electricity meters, which many more stock than the former.