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Excess electricity supply

Jan 12, 2017

Oversupply of almost all walks of life in the Mainland, the electric power industry is no exception, the problem is capacity continues to expand, demand is insufficient. According to the National Energy Board points out that, by 2020, the annual growth of about 7% power supply, thermal power generation is expected to rise 5%. However, the Faba pointed out in the report, by the end of 2015, approved and under construction about 366 GW of installed capacity, thermal power generation is expected in the next five years average annual increase in the supply 6%.

For power supply excess problem, National Energy Council set Ming in 2012 yiqian batch out of thermal power project, if still not began construction on must canceled; in Shandong, and Heilongjiang, 15 a provinces within, all has batch out of thermal power project, if still not built, on must bet to 2017 yihou only can started; in 2017 end of Qian, not batch out zainei cast, and Heilongjiang, 13 provinces of new thermal power project. However, through policy follow-up to the doubt.

Tong said, after power generation equipment suppliers to communicate with the Mainland, found to the installed capacity of electric power enterprise growth only slightly slower, during which the provincial electricity providers promote the construction of new power plant projects at full speed. In addition, communicate with listed companies after they agreed does not affect capacity planning. Therefore, the General believes, does not increase in installed capacity this year by year in the Mainland declined substantially.