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Cheap buy cheap meters

Jan 12, 2017

On June 26, the reporters came to yuquan district in Huhhot Tai Nan Street, after investigations found that only two rows of street commercial buildings have more than 10 shops selling electricity meter. Reporters went to a store called wide metal wires and cables, pull out a Shanghai huali electronic power meters of factory production, told reporters: "this meter sold for 25 Yuan, now suburbs most rented accommodation in all smart meters installed. "Bargain, the owner promised the lowest they could sell for 20 Yuan. When reporters only once when you buy 500 block, the owner quickly said, the price can drop about 2 Yuan.

After an investigation, reporters found shops selling cheap, untested meters. Privately, a shopkeeper told reporters: "the meter like this, get the inspection departments testing certainly can't pass, people buy this meter is used for cheap. ”