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Businesses don't know meters need to be tested

Jan 12, 2017

After days of investigation, reporter was informed that the meter before the sale to go through two departments of the testing, qualified to sell. These two departments respectively, local power supply Department and local provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, levels of measurement and testing departments, the Department only several meters are responsible for testing of the tender, the rest of the meter must be sent to the Metrology Department for testing, qualified qualified label and can only be listed. In this regard, part of meter, the capital of the business but do not know.

At noon on June 26, in the shop in wide metal wires and cables, the owner, told reporters: "when manufacturers have tested the meter factory, does not need to be tested again. "The owner said, never heard of meters also require testing of the relevant departments before listing. Subsequently, the reporter when investigations in several stores around, and got the same answer, several shopkeepers said meter sold needed before detection by the relevant authority.