BVVB Wire PVC Insulated Flat Electrical Wire Cable

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BVVB wire pvc insulated flat electrical wire cable


1. Bvvb cable
2. High Quality Electric Wire Cable
3. CCC IEC CE UL Certification



1. Voltage Uo/U 300/500V 450/750V
2. Material:Copper conductor,PVC jacket,PVC insulation
3. Max. Permissible Continuous Operation Temperature of The Conductor: 70°C
4. The Ambient Temperature Under Installation Should Not Below 0°C
5. Light weight, perfect bending properties, installed and maintained easily and conveniently.
6. Perfect chemical stability, resistant against acids, alkalis, grease and organic solvents, and flame.



2. Standard: IEC CCC
3. Specification: 0.75mm2-630mm2
4. Length: 100M 200M 300M 500M



Bvvb cable is suitable for household electrical appliances, small electric power tools, instruments and apparatuses and lighting devices, AC rated voltage up to and including 300/500V 450/700V, which is used for connecting power line. Used brand new PVC/XLPE material and pure copper conductor, also can meet your special demands for fire resistance property or flame retardant property.

Product Material Of Electrical Building & House Wire 

Good quality wires, Copper is the key.

99.99% of oxygen-free copper conductor. 

The indicators is better than that of international standard. 

Low resistance. The excellent electrical conductivity. 

Low carbon. save energy. 

Good quality wires, Insulation than standard requirements.

Refused to recycled plastic

Environmental protection of pvc,

Flame Retardancy,Low Aging

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